Chaos In Wonderland 2016~18

Chaos in Wonderland is an ongoing project exploring dynamical systems theory and analog FM synthesis that was started in 2016 and inspired by Clifford Pickover's fractal science fiction novel of the same name. The above is a prototype of a 9-Dimensional Chaotic Attractor made in collaboration with the physicist James Jackson that was made to control the Buchla-200e synthesizer at EMS studios in Stockholm whilst composer in residence in March 2018. Technically the device creates Op-Amp regulated control voltages generated via a hyperchaotic Baier attractor with 9 dimensions written using the C++ ODEINT library. The system incorporates random forcing back into the system via 9 thermosistors placed inside the interior of the Buchla via its jack holes picking up on the internal heat generated by the components. The result is a living time infinite physical feedback system similar to weather systems and those found in nature. The recording at EMS was in 8.1 format made in studio 4, a stereo mix is below.

2D plot of dimensions 1 & 2 from 4 perspectives.